Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the size of the parcel?

A: Most parcels are 20-acres, which are larger than 20 football fields, over 871,200 square feet of beautiful Texas Land. You may purchase more than one parcel if you wish.

Q: How may I use the land?

A:The land may be used for any number of recreational activities including hiking, hunting, camping, ranching, horseback riding and you may live on the land if you provide your own utilities.

Q: What improvements have been made?

A: A qualified surveyor, registered in the State of Texas, surveys all of our properties. Our surveys are very accurate. Corners are clearly marked with metal posts. Additionally, unpaved roads have been built for access.

Q: May I use the land while I am paying for it?

A:You may use your land IMMEDIATELY once you have received your signed Agreement/Contract.

Q: May we pay off our land early without penalty?

A: Yes, you may pay for your land in full at any time without penalty. You may also make extra payments of any amount, at any time, to reduce your balance and save interest. For example; double your 20 acre monthly payment and you will own your property in just 7 years, also saving interest. interest!

Q: Why is land at Sunset Ranches so inexpensive? What's the catch?

A: There is no catch. We purchase large properties at low price. By buying bigger parcels, it is possible to get a lower price per acre. We pass our savings on to our customers. We do not buy or sell substandard land. All of our properties are selected for their natural beauty and accessibility.

Q: Can we resell our property in the future and make a profit?

A: Yes, you can resell your property, however there is no guarantee of profit from any land sale. We believe there are many reasons for this upward trend: inflation, population growth, a decreasing supply of the land, the public's desire for a more natural environment, a trend towards movement away from urban areas, and the increased popularity of outdoor recreational activities.

Q: What other activities or attractions does the area offer?

A: The El Paso area is a thriving center of shopping, dining and entertainment. Near your property, you can easily find lots of fun and good food. Some of the most popular destinations include: Carlsbad Caverns, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Hueco Tanks, the Las Palmas Market Center and the World famous Cattleman's Steak House, among many, many others.

Q: How is El Paso's rapidly increasing growth likely to effect Sunset Ranches?

A: El Paso's physical location (bordered on the North and West by New Mexico and on the South by Mexico) means the direction of all future growth will be to the East. The North American Free Trade Agreement and other economic factors have made El Paso one of the fastest growing cities in Texas with the influx of a wide variety of businesses and a population that is rapidly expanding. As the population moves East toward Sunset Ranches, land needs will be in demand.

Q: What other evidence is there of the El Paso area growth?

A: Many businesses have opened or moved into the El Paso area in recent years and more are arriving each day. In addition, new shopping centers, medical complexes and entertainment areas are already in place. The El Paso International Airport has completed a major expansion which includes new service to such major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix and Mexico City.